Futsal Field in Emerson Park

SAPIA Award Recipient 2022 – Winner, Construction: Commercial Sports Court – Synthetic Grass Award

Welcome to an in-depth look at another award-worthy project completed by Court Craft – reconstructing and repurposing two tennis courts at Emerson Park into two state-of-the-art futsal fields. This transformation project showcases Court Craft’s expertise in revitalizing and repurposing sports facilities to serve the community’s needs better.

Project Overview: The project at Emerson Park involved a comprehensive scope of work to convert two traditional tennis courts into modern futsal fields, providing a new and exciting sports venue for the local community. The scope of work for this transformative project included:

  1. Site Preparation/Earthworks: Extensive site preparation and earthworks were carried out to prepare the existing tennis court area for its new purpose.
  2. Drainage: Efficient drainage systems were installed to ensure proper water management on the futsal fields, promoting safety and playability.
  3. Base Layer Work: The supply and installation of a durable base layer were essential to create a solid foundation for the synthetic surface.
  4. Shock Pad & Synthetic Surfacing: High-quality shock pad and synthetic surfacing were expertly installed to meet the specific requirements of futsal play, providing a consistent and reliable playing surface.
  5. Line Marking: Precise line markings were applied to delineate the futsal fields, ensuring compliance with official regulations and enhancing the overall playing experience.
  6. Sporting Enclosure Fencing: Safety and security were prioritized with the supply and installation of sporting enclosure fencing around the fields.
  7. Futsal Goals: Two top-notch futsal goals were provided and installed, adding authenticity to the playing experience.
  8. New Luminaires: The project included the supply and installation of new lighting fixtures, enabling evening and nighttime use of the futsal fields.
  9. Security Fencing: To safeguard the facility, security fencing was installed to protect the newly revitalized sports venue.

Award Recognition: Court Craft’s remarkable work on the reconstruction and repurposing of the tennis courts at Emerson Park into futsal fields earned well-deserved recognition and acclaim from a prestigious awarding body. This recognition underscores the project’s excellence and significance in sports facility development and transformation.

The award received by Court Craft is a testament to their commitment to delivering high-quality projects that rejuvenate existing sports facilities and provide vibrant new spaces for the community to enjoy.

The transformation of the tennis courts at Emerson Park into futsal fields, spearheaded by Court Craft, is a remarkable example of innovative sports facility revitalisation. By repurposing existing infrastructure and delivering a cutting-edge sports venue, Court Craft has demonstrated its dedication to enhancing community recreational spaces. The award received for this project is a testament to their expertise and commitment to excellence in the construction industry. This award-winning project will undoubtedly serve as a vibrant hub for futsal enthusiasts and the local community, providing an exceptional sports facility for years.