Basketball Court with Roller Derby line marking, Sydenham Green, Inner West Council

Court Craft was contracted to demolish and construct 2 x basketball courts with roller derby line marking.

The scope of works at Sydenham Green included:

  • Removal and disposal off-site of one tree;
  • Stripping and stockpiling and grass vegetation and topsoil;
  • Earthworks;
  • Removal and disposal of basketball posts, bench seat and bicycle racks, fencing, light poles and basketball court pavement;
  • Relocating switchboard to the new location including associated wiring;
  • Supply and installing sub-soil drains including footpath crossing and outfall;
  • Constructing a retaining wall, paving and the surface of basketball courts, new concrete pathway, fencing, new LED lighting and bench seating
  • Linemarking for basketball and roller derby;
  • Spreading existing topsoil on earth mounds and capping with 100 mm of imported topsoil and
    turfing all exposed earthworks areas.