Kenthurst Residential – Synthetic Grass & Landscaping

SAPIA Awards Recipient 2021 – Winner Best Domestic Sports Court – Synthetic Grass

Embark on a journey through the meticulous craftsmanship of Court Craft as they undertook the design and construction of a state-of-the-art Synthetic Grass Tennis Court. This project is a testament to their expertise in creating exceptional sports facilities that combine functionality with aesthetics, providing a dynamic space for enthusiasts to enjoy the game of tennis.

Project Overview: The creation of the Synthetic Grass Tennis Court by Court Craft involved a comprehensive range of tasks, each executed with precision and attention to detail. The key aspects of this project included:

  1. Design and Council Submissions: The project commenced with thorough design work, including submissions to local authorities to ensure compliance with regulations and standards.
  2. Demolition: The existing structures and surfaces were carefully demolished to make way for the new tennis court.
  3. Stormwater Management: Court Craft constructed a 900mm x 900mm x 1200mm concrete stormwater pit equipped with an orifice plate and a 300mm diameter by 33m long OSD (On-Site Detention) pipeline for efficient water management.
  4. OSD Kerb Construction: An OSD kerb was meticulously built at a specified level (RL 19.48) to facilitate water runoff and drainage.
  5. Tennis Court Fencing: High-quality fencing, measuring 3 meters in height and an additional 1200mm for added security, was installed to enclose the tennis court.
  6. Concrete Slab: A robust concrete slab was constructed as the foundation for the synthetic grass surface.
  7. Light Fittings: Adequate lighting fixtures were installed to ensure safe and enjoyable gameplay, even during evening hours.
  8. Sandstone Retaining Wall: The project included the construction of a sandstone retaining wall, adding an element of natural beauty to the court’s surroundings.
  9. Concrete Block Stairwell: A concrete block stairwell was built to provide convenient access to the court area.
  10. Water Feature: A water feature was introduced to enhance the aesthetics and ambiance of the court environment.
  11. Tiling: Precise tiling work was carried out to meet both functional and decorative requirements.
  12. Landscaping and Planting: The project was completed with landscaping and planting, adding a touch of greenery and enhancing the overall aesthetics of the tennis court area.

Conclusion: Court Craft’s successful design and construction of the Synthetic Grass Tennis Court stand as a testament to their commitment to delivering exceptional sports facilities. This project not only showcases their technical expertise but also their ability to combine functionality with aesthetics, creating a space that inspires both athletic performance and visual delight. The new tennis court will undoubtedly serve as a hub for tennis enthusiasts, offering a top-tier facility for years to come. Court Craft’s reputation as leaders in the field of sports facility design and construction is further solidified by their successful execution of this project.