FIFA Football Field at Matraville SHS

Welcome to the showcase of the award-winning construction project undertaken by the Department of Education NSW at Matraville Sports High School in Chifley. This remarkable project involved the construction of a state-of-the-art Synthetic FIFA Football Field. The exceptional work on this project was recognized and celebrated by the Sports & Play Industry Association (SAPIA) in 2023, showcasing the expertise and dedication of its members in the field of sports facility construction.

Project Overview: The project at Matraville Sports High School encompassed a wide range of construction and development aspects, making it a standout in the sports facility construction sector. The key features and components of the project included:

  1. Demolition: The project began with the demolition of existing structures and facilities to make way for the new synthetic FIFA football field.
  2. Drainage and Stormwater: Robust drainage and stormwater systems were implemented to ensure efficient water management, enhancing the field’s durability and performance.
  3. Future-Proofed Lighting: The project was designed with future lighting upgrades in mind, ensuring that the field can accommodate advanced lighting systems.
  4. Raised Field Edging: A specialized raised field edging was designed to contain infill materials and microplastics, promoting sustainability and safety.
  5. Recycled Concrete Pavement: The field’s base was constructed using recycled concrete pavement, adhering to FIFA grading standards.
  6. Recycled Plastic Drainage Cell Synergy: Environmentally friendly drainage solutions were utilized to manage water beneath the synthetic turf.
  7. Synthetic Turf Installation: High-quality synthetic turf was supplied and expertly installed to meet FIFA standards for playability.
  8. Goal Posts and Furniture: Essential elements like goal posts and other field furniture were installed for a complete sports facility.
  9. Natural Turf Area: In addition to the synthetic field, 1200 square meters of natural turf were shaped and laid to enhance the overall sports complex.
  10. Perimeter Fencing: The project included the installation of 6-meter netting and 1200mm chain mesh fencing around the field perimeter, ensuring safety and security.
  11. Gas Main Relocation: A high-pressure gas main relocation was successfully executed as part of the project’s infrastructure improvement.

SAPIA Awards Recognition: In 2023, the Sports & Play Industry Association (SAPIA) received an impressive 108 entries for its Industry Awards Program, each representing a testament to the expertise and dedication of its members. The Matraville Sports High School Synthetic FIFA Football Field project stood out among the entries, earning recognition and acclaim in the Construction – Sports Field Category.

SAPIA’s Industry Awards Program aims to promote excellence in sports courts, sports fields, playgrounds, and recreation facility design, construction, maintenance, surfacing, and servicing, as well as product innovation. It serves as a platform to acknowledge the outstanding work of its members and celebrate their contributions to the industry.

The construction of the Synthetic FIFA Football Field at Matraville Sports High School in Chifley serves as a shining example of excellence in sports facility construction. The project’s innovative and sustainable features, coupled with its recognition by SAPIA, highlight the commitment to quality and expertise demonstrated by its builders and industry professionals. This award-winning project will continue to benefit the school and the community for years to come, providing a top-notch sports facility for athletes and sports enthusiasts.