Netball Court Dimensions

Netball Court dimensions
Length: 30.50m
Width: 15.25m
Court Thirds: 10.167m
Goal Circle Radius: 4.9m
Centre Circle: 900mm
All Line Widths: 50mm
Ceiling Height (court & run-off zones): Minimum 8.3m. This includes indoor & outdoor facilities.
All lines: Must be textured water-based acrylic, straight and have clean, crisp edges.
Important: All the above measurements are to the outside edge of lines. All lines form part of the court.

Run-off dimensions
Minimum obstacle-free space required:
On all sidelines and baselines: 3.05m
Between multiple courts: 3.65m
Run-off zones must be free of all obstacles and be of the same surface type and consistent level as the court. Note: This is an International Netball Federation rule introduced to ensure the safety of players & umpires.

Court condition
The court must:
Have a firm consistent surface on a constant plane without gradient change
Have a consistent surface type over both the court and run-off zones
Not pose a trip or slip hazard in either the court or run-off zones
Comply with the current Slip Resistance Classification. See Section 9.12.1 ‘Acrylic Surface Types & Slip Resistance Testing’

Vertical Height: 3.05m and placed at the midpoint of each goal line. Can be adjusted to 2.4m for modified netball (NetSetGO)
Post Diameter: 60mm min. to 100mm max and inserted into the ground or sleeved beneath the floor. The goal post is placed so that the back of the goal post is outside of the goal line. Round post preferred.
Post colour: Painted white preferred

The ring is 380mm (internal diameter) and has a thickness of 15mm. There is a 150mm length connection to the post. No arms from ring to post to allow for full post length 3m padding. The net is white cotton mesh or chain mesh, open at both ends.

Goalpost padding
3m high to full Length of post. Can be 2.4m high for modified netball (NetSetGO). Maximum 50mm thick high-density foam core.

Outdoor netball courts:
Class 2 : 200 avg lux: Regional/Club/Local Comp
Class 3 : 100 avg lux: Low Level/Training
Indoor netball courts:
Class 1 : 750 avg lux: International/National
Class 2 : 500 avg lux: Regional/Club/Local Comp
Class 3 : 300 avg lux: Low level/Training

For outdoor courts, the gradient is a 1% cross fall in both directions or a 1% fall diagonally on one single constant plane. Indoor courts are a flat surface without a gradient change.

Netta is a modified game of netball for 8–10-year-olds. It is played on a standard netball court and the goalposts are 2.4m high.

Netball Court drimesnions. Please contact Court Craft if this information is incorrect.